Who we are?

Lucky Jet is a popular crash game in India that does not require any special skills from the players. However, many would like to better understand the principles of the game, win more often and enjoy the process more. Our team are professional Lucky Jets players who know all the nuances of the game and have a wealth of experience. We are happy to share our experience with other players, provide valuable tips and talk about winning strategies. Moreover, thanks to our platform, fans of this game will be able to receive the latest news and be the first to know about updates.

Getting to know the LuckyJets team

Our Mission

Our main mission is to ensure that players play effectively and enjoy it. This is done through the following mission tasks:

  • Transfer of experience to players of any level;
  • Help in choosing the best gambling establishment for you by writing a review;
  • Collecting and providing useful information about the game;
  • Monitor new promotions and bonuses that make the game more profitable.

LuckyJets team's goal for users from India

What can you find on the site?

Our official website provides all the necessary and detailed information to help players get the most out of Lucky Jet. In addition, for the convenience of users, this is divided into main sections:

LuckyJets available information for players from India